The Grassland Foundation discontinued its program work as of January 1, 2012.  In existence since 1999, the foundation did research, education and outreach on strategies to conserve grassland biodiversity.

In recent years, our main focus was on market-based rural development strategies that could improve grassland biodiversity outcomes on private lands.  This work was done mainly through our Grasslands 2010 initiative with the Bozeman office of the World Wildlife Fund and by studying best practices abroad, mainly in the African country of Namibia, with the assistance from the WWF program there.

We were particularly interested in how traditional cattle ranches could improve grassland management for wildlife, while increasing income and employment through nature-based activities, including fee hunting and wildlife watching.

Going forward, for now,  the Grassland Foundation intends to make small grants to further our original mission to improve grassland management for biodiversity through education, research and outreach.  We are not accepting unsolicited proposals, however.

The purpose of this website is to archive our past work as a resource for those interested in grassland biodiversity conservation, especially on private lands.